• Jackie Turner

Sustainability on sea

Penelope's Pitstop was fortunate enough to be invited to be part of this fabulous new micro festival which was organised with very little funding and lots of hard work on the part of local groups Energise Sussex Coast and Transition Town Hastings. The closing event consisted of a sustainability fair at the Stade Hall which also featured workshops and talks throughout the day. The fair itself proved very popular and took many of us pleasantly by surprise, proving that the demand for sustainable and eco friendly products is clearly quite high. Penelope's Pitstop put together a stall that showcased the condiment range but also provided snacks made from the allotment harvest; there were plenty of courgette based items on sale. The snacks were a sell out and the condiments sparked lots of interest. New friends and exciting connections were made; all in all it was fabulous day for Penelope's Pitstop and we look forward to next years event.

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