• Jackie Turner

Love Up Ore Valley

On Saturday 17th February the Pitstop Posse was in charge of catering at the fabulous Love Up Ore Valley event organised by Heart of Hastings Ore Valley. This is the third event by Heart of Hastings that has made use of Penelope's Pitstop; previously we also catered for Spook Up Ore Valley and Care for Ore Valley (Christmas event). Penelope's Pitstop fed approximately 300 hungry people, warming their bellies with our home-made tomato and lentil soup, filling their tum's with our burgers and home-made bean burgers for our vegan friends. Over 200 home-made love cookies were distributed to children and adults alike. Situated right next to the music tent, with a view of the stage we managed to boogie whilst we worked. We Grooved to the amazing DJ Remy who played some our favourite tracks. We danced to the Fabulous Red Diesel who were just well fabulous. Then Gwyneth Herbert caused quite a sing along with her catchy 'Hastings is our home'. Demand for food was high so we finished earlier than anticipated, which meant we were able to get on the dance floor in time to hear the amazeballs Mighty Sounds. After the take down was complete we managed to crawl exhausted but content into our beds to catch some zzzz's and dream about bonfires of love.

We are looking forward to the next big event.

If you would like to catch some of the action here are links to videos of the music:




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